The Elkins Lake Recreation Corporation Board is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Rusty Denner as the new General Manager for the Elkins Lake Recreation Corporation effective immediately. The board made this decision at the meeting Tuesday, January 20, 2015.

 Mr. Denner accepted the position after having served as the Club House Manager at Elkins Lake for the period from June 2013 until December 2014. He most recently has served as the interim General Manager since the departure of Mrs. Stacy Dennis in December 2014. Prior to joining the Elkins staff, Mr. Denner has served in the Hospitality, Country Club and Golf Club management industry since his graduation from Sam Houston State University in 1991.

 Please join the board in welcoming Mr. Denner to his new position here at Elkins Lake.

 J. E. (Jerry) Allen

President, Elkins Lake Board of Directors


Stacy Dennis resigning

The Elkins Lake Board of Directors has accepted the resignation of the current General Manager, Mrs. Stacy Dennis.

Stacy has been the General Manager at Elkins Lake for the past eight years during which time she has done an outstanding job in managing the activities of the Elkins Lake Recreation Corporation. During this time, the club has undergone a number of positive changes, the most significant being the completion of the new club house.

Stacy has accepted a position with the Texas Golf Association in Dallas, Texas. The Board expressed regret in accepting the resignation, but wished her great success in this new chapter in her life and career. Stacy will continue in her role as the General Manager until December 23, 2014. The board has taken the initial steps in the search for a new General Manager.

A reception to recognize Stacy’s accomplishments here at Elkins Lake and wish her well in her new career will be held on Wednesday, December 10th at the Elkins Lake Clubhouse at 6:00 PM. All residents are encouraged to drop by and wish Stacy and Kyle well in this new aspect of their lives.

Jerry Allen

President, Elkins Lake Board of Directors

Many of us observed smoky conditions this afternoon (Monday, September 22) and were concerned about a fire in the area.  According to the Texas Forest Service, the smoke is the result of a planned controlled burn in Trinity County.  There are no reports of fires in our area.  For detail or more information about the burn plan, please contact the Texas Forest Service (936) 295-5688.

Over the weekend, we observed that a large number of small fish have died in the area near the dam at Elkins Lake.  In order to determine the cause of this event, our Lakes Committee consulted with a biologist with Lone Star Lake Management.  His determination is that the fish died as a result of the lake “turning over” in that area.

Turnover occurs when deeper water develops layers of differing temperatures over time.  The upper layer is made up of warmer water and plenty of oxygen.  The lower layer is cooler and has much less oxygen.  From time to time, due to changes in outside temperature or even wind and wave action, the cooler, oxygen-depleted water will mix with the warmer water in the upper layer, thereby decreasing the oxygen available in the upper layer.  When this occurs, the larger fish are able to move into areas with more oxygen, but the smaller fish cannot, and many die as a result.

The Lakes Committee confirms that the impact has been limited to small fish, and in the area near the dam.  Unfortunately, this is a naturally occurring event that happens from time to time, but does not suggest any problem, contamination, or long-term concern for our lakes.

Yard Waste Reminder

The City of Huntsville Residential yard waste collection service is provided two to three times per month: The 1st, 3rd and 5th Wednesday of each month, this is automatic and there is no call-in required.  Yard waste is classified as leaves, grass, pine needles, yard clippings and small brush (green waste). They also offer Heavy Trash/Large Yard Waste Collection.. Either an online form OR call-in is required (936) 294-5796 (to schedule).  Requests must be made no later than Monday, the week of, by noon.  Customers must leave their complete name, service address, contact number and a detailed description of the items to be placed on the pick-up list.  Heavy Trash will be collected on the 2nd & 4th Wednesday of each month. These programs are only available to residential customers with active City of Huntsville garbage accounts. For further information and guidelines on these programs you may visit the City of Huntsville – Solid Waste/Recycling Department website www.huntsvilletx.gov or call the Solid Waste Services Division at 936-294-5743.

Earlier today (July 3), a water main was broken near a construction site on Camellia Lake.  Here is some information regarding the situation that has been provided by the City of Huntsville and Entergy.

  • The break occurred at a fire hydrant.  A valve adjacent to the hydrant was closed to isolate the problem.  However, after refilling the hole, water began leaking again, indicating a break in the main line.  Water service will be interrupted in the 1800 block of Camellia Drive until a repair may be completed.
  • As a result of the erosion from the broken line, an electrical transformer was damaged and has been removed.  Entergy anticipates that only one home will be without power during the repair.  The affected property owner has been notified.  If you happen to live in the area, this might be a great opportunity to be a “good neighbor” to those impacted.
  • The water break also caused some erosion under a portion of Camellia Drive.  To be safe, a portion of one lane will be closed.  Vehicles will still have access through the area, but with only one lane.  During this time, please be careful and patient as you travel through the area.
  • Repair crews will be working as quickly as possible to repair the area.  You can assist by staying clear of the area as it is already fairly crowded.

As a relative newcomer to Elkins Lake and a rookie member of Ramona Denson’s House Committee, my eyes have been opened to some facts that I wonder if everyone else knows about.  First and foremost, we all know when we get our low maintenance bills each month that we are the beneficiaries of years of conservative fiscal management that make us the envy of all others.  Lucille and I belonged to a club up North that cost four times as much and had so many members that the first tee was a battleground and dinner for two was 150 bucks.

When the USGA Course Consulting Service recently came to evaluate our courses, they asked how big our maintenance corps was.  When they heard the number, they wondered if that was for each nine!  So, I guess that makes the popular idea that our guys are leaning on their rakes the opposite of correct, doesn’t it?

And how about the Hills irrigation that was on time and paid for out of current expenses?  Similar upgrades for the pools, tennis courts, and the lakes are planned or underway – all within the current budget.  Think what America could be like if only our Board were running it!  But, by the grace of God, this is our little world and we need to be thankful for it.  Let’s never forget to give honor to all those who work hard every day to make us so privileged.

But, it is an unwritten law that dues payment confers the automatic right to complain.  Stacy and the management team want your input and will react to it.  Just remember…you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.

Anyway, here’s my complaint.  There is a general concept abroad in the land that our food services are a big loser and our restaurant is a vast wasteland and the reason we don’t have white tablecloths is we don’t want people going snow blind.

Here are some facts and figures that have opened my eyes, and I hope will change that attitude.  In a set of clubs with comparable revenue, we are in the top 20% in number of plates served per year.  We are in the bottom 3% of prices charged.  So you might say, “No wonder you’re losing money!”  But, the business model of Elkins Lake provides subsidies for every sector.  That’s what our maintenance fees are for.  Similar amounts are allocated for the pools, the tennis courts, the lakes, and yes, Virginia, for the restaurant.  Oh, and did I forget the seven-figure subsidy for, guess what?  The golf course, of course!

Now, let’s go back to what subsidized meals means to your household budget.  In this day of rising food prices, and if you value your time and effort, you can hardly beat our prices by eating at home!  And, as a 1/1800th owner of the club, you’re buying the food from yourself!

Start with Chef Tina’s delicious food…what’s your favorite?  Then add the priceless intangibles, the inviting surroundings, the panoramic view, the soft music, friends nearby, and ya gotta love no dishes to do!  But, since we are blessed without the monthly minimum that many others have, all this is your option.  If you elect to eat elsewhere, be assured the rest of us will gratefully enjoy your portion of the subsidy…

For the good of Elkins Lake,  Loren Burns

p.s.  The same scenario pertains to our golf shop.  They fit me for my clubs, gave me a better price than down I-45, and the buck stops here.  And…my handicap is down!  So what’s not to like?