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ROAD CONSTRUCTION UPDATE: As you may have seen, there has been some dirt movement and construction signs near the front entrance of Elkins. Here is what I know at this point:
The bridge (Goree Bridge) will be taken down this weekend and both North and South bound traffic will be diverted to the feeder roads. This will increase the traffic both on the feeder road and on Veteran’s Memorial.
The new bridge will take approximately 6-8 months to complete so if you are coming or going through the front entrance and wanting to head north, you will have to go to PR 40 and u-turn. Or, exit Brookhollow and take Veterans Memorial to 1374. Along with the closing of the bridge, the HWY 19 flyover to I-45 will also be closed. There will be a lot of movement of roads, entrances and exits over the next few years until complete. We will try and keep you updated as we know the next steps.
Please drive careful until we see where all of the lane changes etc. will be.

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We have recently received information from the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department that at certain times between now and April 2016, they will be doing controlled burns in Huntsville State Park.  During this period, you may see smoke in the neighborhood or on nearby roads.  They are asking that you be cautious, reduce your speed, and use your low-beam headlights when smoke is present.  This is a normal prescribed burn that actually reduces the risk of a wildfire by eliminating the available fuels such as dead trees, leaf litter and other flammable vegetation on the landscape.  Additional information of how to be prepared can also be found at http://www.firewise.org or if you have any questions, feel free to contact Ray Black, Manager of Huntsville State Park,  at 936-295-5644 ext. 30.

Elkins Lake Recreation Corp. will also be burning our tree disposal area on January 18th.  As with the above, this is a very controlled burn.  Blowers are used to keep the timber hot and to burn with a limited amount of smoke.  If you have questions on this day or are concerned of the area involved, please contact the Administration office at 295-8181.

Rusty Denner, GM

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Over the next couple of weeks, a lot will be going on at the Club.  If you haven’t already signed up, the Open House will be tonight starting at 6pm.  Calling for a reservation does not necessarily reserve you a seating assignment, but it will definitely help to make sure we have the correct amount of food.  It is a ‘come and go’ type of event so even if you just want to stop in and see your neighbors for a few minutes, please join us.  Prior to and during the event, the Pro Shop will also be having their Annual Christmas Sale.  This will start at 5pm and go until eight also.  It’s a perfect time to use what you may have left on the credit book.

This Saturday is Breakfast with Santa.  As always, the reservations are increasing but Santa always has room for a couple of more.  Please contact the office to make a reservation.

The following Sunday is our Christmas Brunch.  We figured that by now, you have completely digested your Thanksgiving turkey and it is time to eat again.  See you at the Club!

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The Elkins Lake Board of Directors has accepted the resignation of the current General Manager, Mrs. Stacy Dennis.

Stacy has been the General Manager at Elkins Lake for the past eight years during which time she has done an outstanding job in managing the activities of the Elkins Lake Recreation Corporation. During this time, the club has undergone a number of positive changes, the most significant being the completion of the new club house.

Stacy has accepted a position with the Texas Golf Association in Dallas, Texas. The Board expressed regret in accepting the resignation, but wished her great success in this new chapter in her life and career. Stacy will continue in her role as the General Manager until December 23, 2014. The board has taken the initial steps in the search for a new General Manager.

A reception to recognize Stacy’s accomplishments here at Elkins Lake and wish her well in her new career will be held on Wednesday, December 10th at the Elkins Lake Clubhouse at 6:00 PM. All residents are encouraged to drop by and wish Stacy and Kyle well in this new aspect of their lives.

Jerry Allen

President, Elkins Lake Board of Directors

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Many of us observed smoky conditions this afternoon (Monday, September 22) and were concerned about a fire in the area.  According to the Texas Forest Service, the smoke is the result of a planned controlled burn in Trinity County.  There are no reports of fires in our area.  For detail or more information about the burn plan, please contact the Texas Forest Service (936) 295-5688.

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Over the weekend, we observed that a large number of small fish have died in the area near the dam at Elkins Lake.  In order to determine the cause of this event, our Lakes Committee consulted with a biologist with Lone Star Lake Management.  His determination is that the fish died as a result of the lake “turning over” in that area.

Turnover occurs when deeper water develops layers of differing temperatures over time.  The upper layer is made up of warmer water and plenty of oxygen.  The lower layer is cooler and has much less oxygen.  From time to time, due to changes in outside temperature or even wind and wave action, the cooler, oxygen-depleted water will mix with the warmer water in the upper layer, thereby decreasing the oxygen available in the upper layer.  When this occurs, the larger fish are able to move into areas with more oxygen, but the smaller fish cannot, and many die as a result.

The Lakes Committee confirms that the impact has been limited to small fish, and in the area near the dam.  Unfortunately, this is a naturally occurring event that happens from time to time, but does not suggest any problem, contamination, or long-term concern for our lakes.

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Earlier today (July 3), a water main was broken near a construction site on Camellia Lake.  Here is some information regarding the situation that has been provided by the City of Huntsville and Entergy.

  • The break occurred at a fire hydrant.  A valve adjacent to the hydrant was closed to isolate the problem.  However, after refilling the hole, water began leaking again, indicating a break in the main line.  Water service will be interrupted in the 1800 block of Camellia Drive until a repair may be completed.
  • As a result of the erosion from the broken line, an electrical transformer was damaged and has been removed.  Entergy anticipates that only one home will be without power during the repair.  The affected property owner has been notified.  If you happen to live in the area, this might be a great opportunity to be a “good neighbor” to those impacted.
  • The water break also caused some erosion under a portion of Camellia Drive.  To be safe, a portion of one lane will be closed.  Vehicles will still have access through the area, but with only one lane.  During this time, please be careful and patient as you travel through the area.
  • Repair crews will be working as quickly as possible to repair the area.  You can assist by staying clear of the area as it is already fairly crowded.

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