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Over the next couple of weeks, a lot will be going on at the Club.  If you haven’t already signed up, the Open House will be tonight starting at 6pm.  Calling for a reservation does not necessarily reserve you a seating assignment, but it will definitely help to make sure we have the correct amount of food.  It is a ‘come and go’ type of event so even if you just want to stop in and see your neighbors for a few minutes, please join us.  Prior to and during the event, the Pro Shop will also be having their Annual Christmas Sale.  This will start at 5pm and go until eight also.  It’s a perfect time to use what you may have left on the credit book.

This Saturday is Breakfast with Santa.  As always, the reservations are increasing but Santa always has room for a couple of more.  Please contact the office to make a reservation.

The following Sunday is our Christmas Brunch.  We figured that by now, you have completely digested your Thanksgiving turkey and it is time to eat again.  See you at the Club!


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As a relative newcomer to Elkins Lake and a rookie member of Ramona Denson’s House Committee, my eyes have been opened to some facts that I wonder if everyone else knows about.  First and foremost, we all know when we get our low maintenance bills each month that we are the beneficiaries of years of conservative fiscal management that make us the envy of all others.  Lucille and I belonged to a club up North that cost four times as much and had so many members that the first tee was a battleground and dinner for two was 150 bucks.

When the USGA Course Consulting Service recently came to evaluate our courses, they asked how big our maintenance corps was.  When they heard the number, they wondered if that was for each nine!  So, I guess that makes the popular idea that our guys are leaning on their rakes the opposite of correct, doesn’t it?

And how about the Hills irrigation that was on time and paid for out of current expenses?  Similar upgrades for the pools, tennis courts, and the lakes are planned or underway – all within the current budget.  Think what America could be like if only our Board were running it!  But, by the grace of God, this is our little world and we need to be thankful for it.  Let’s never forget to give honor to all those who work hard every day to make us so privileged.

But, it is an unwritten law that dues payment confers the automatic right to complain.  Stacy and the management team want your input and will react to it.  Just remember…you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.

Anyway, here’s my complaint.  There is a general concept abroad in the land that our food services are a big loser and our restaurant is a vast wasteland and the reason we don’t have white tablecloths is we don’t want people going snow blind.

Here are some facts and figures that have opened my eyes, and I hope will change that attitude.  In a set of clubs with comparable revenue, we are in the top 20% in number of plates served per year.  We are in the bottom 3% of prices charged.  So you might say, “No wonder you’re losing money!”  But, the business model of Elkins Lake provides subsidies for every sector.  That’s what our maintenance fees are for.  Similar amounts are allocated for the pools, the tennis courts, the lakes, and yes, Virginia, for the restaurant.  Oh, and did I forget the seven-figure subsidy for, guess what?  The golf course, of course!

Now, let’s go back to what subsidized meals means to your household budget.  In this day of rising food prices, and if you value your time and effort, you can hardly beat our prices by eating at home!  And, as a 1/1800th owner of the club, you’re buying the food from yourself!

Start with Chef Tina’s delicious food…what’s your favorite?  Then add the priceless intangibles, the inviting surroundings, the panoramic view, the soft music, friends nearby, and ya gotta love no dishes to do!  But, since we are blessed without the monthly minimum that many others have, all this is your option.  If you elect to eat elsewhere, be assured the rest of us will gratefully enjoy your portion of the subsidy…

For the good of Elkins Lake,  Loren Burns

p.s.  The same scenario pertains to our golf shop.  They fit me for my clubs, gave me a better price than down I-45, and the buck stops here.  And…my handicap is down!  So what’s not to like?

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breakfast with santa

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thanksgiving brunch

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The Live at the Lake Café series has been a lot of fun this summer. We have had several quality entertainers come and perform, and the food and drinks have been delicious. August will mark the end of this series until next summer, so if you have not made it to one yet we encourage you to come join in the fun. On August 31, from 6 to 9 pm, we will have the Live at the Lake Café Summer Wrap-Up Party. Mark it on your calendar, because this is going to be a very fun night. Artist Jeremy Bankhead will be playing live music while those who attend enjoy a $9,99++ Fajita buffet, drink specials and even door prizes! This will certainly be a wonderful end to the Live at the Lake Café series. We hope to see you there!

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